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Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado-FECAP, the sponsoring entity of Álvares Penteado University Center (FECAP), was founded in 1902 (in São Paulo, Brazil),with the purpose of offering courses in Business Management to fill the existing gap of qualified business people necessary to boost the local economic powerhouse in the 1900’s. Aiming at forming a generation of business professionals, Professor Horácio Berlinck proposed the creation of a school focused on commercial practices. He counted on the support of prominent businessmen of the local society, among those, Lord Antonio Álvares Penteado, and therefore, the Commerce Practical School was founded in the beginning of the 20th Century. In 1905, the Institution was already recognized as an institution of public interest, accredited to issue diplomas. Lord Álvares Penteado decided to donated a piece of land at the noble Largo São Francisco (downtown area) and built the school facilities inaugurated in 1908.


In 1923, the school gained the status of a non-profit Foundation (Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado) and it started offering not only technical courses but also university programs. In 1931, it was founded the first college of economics in the country entitled Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas do Estado de São Paulo (FACESP), offering the Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The first degree in Accounting was offered in 1945, and the Undergraduate Program in Business Administration, in 1966. In the 1970’s a new campus was built at Liberdade (heart of Japanese culture in São Paulo), aiming at offering cutting-edge knowledge in the business area, and also using the experience gained in  80 years of educational activities, the Foundation created Graduated courses (Specialization Programs classified as “Lato Sensu” ) in its well-known areas of excellence, such as Business , Accounting and International Trade. In 1999, the Foundation was accredited to hold Graduated Studies (Stricto Sensu), that is, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Controllership and Strategic Accounting.

With the drastic economic, political, technological and cultural changes of the 20th Century, FECAP has reviewed its mission, becoming an Institution devoted to excellence, concerning the education of qualified professionals with accurate awareness of citizenship and socio-enterprise vision.


By celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2002, and due to its academic excellence, FECAP was accredited by the Department of Education to become a University Center, Centro Universitário Álvares Penteado, FECAP. According to the institutional strategic plan (2001-2005) FECAP has inaugurated its Undergraduate Program in International  Relations.

With the purpose of expanding its outreach and promoting quality education services to a larger number of students, FECAP is sharing its know-how in the Northeastern region of Brazil, especially in the city of Salvador.

In the last decade, FECAP has narrowed down its cultural and academic relations with foreign universities and language institutes, having successfully placed students in the United States, Canada, Ireland and in the UK. Recently the International Office was created to stimulate the promotion of exchange programs between FECAP students/faculty and students from the international community.



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