• Carga Horária do Curso: 120h/aula
  • Local: Centro Universitário FECAP Liberdade (Av. da Liberdade, 532 – Liberdade, São Paulo).
  • Sala: –
  • Datas: Segunda à quinta entre os dias 18 de março até 02 de maio de 2019.
  • Horário: das 09h00 às 17h00. (Sujeito a alterações)
  • Professor: Prof. Dr. José Luiz Tejon Megido
  • Valor: R$4.200,00 (3 x R$1.400,00) ou R$4.000.00 à vista.



From the plantation fields to  distribution, from sales  to brand building, students  will be exposed to  the cutting-edge learning adopted  to integrate  processes  and boost  efficiency  of their business.

Resulting from a  strategic partnership among   the French University, Audencia Business School, Biomarketing Consulting  and the Brazilian Association  of Agribusiness, the  Fundação Escola de Comércio Alvares Penteado  (FECAP) has invited the best Agribusiness  experts  not  only from  the local   market but  also  from the Academic Environment  to offer  this  unique  program in Brazil.

As the  program  includes  specific and updated agribusiness issues , the course offers  a broad coverage of  the exact topics   that  managers  need  to learn to  better  manage their  businesses,   construct networking and building cross-cultural relationships.

Course  participants  will join several  MBA students from the Audencia Business School , composed  by French  and multicultural students  from India, China,  Netherlands and Nigeria.   This program represents a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge in Agribusiness Management and to acquire cross-cultural   competence ,  without leaving Brazil.

As classes  will be given in  English , participants  must have full command of the English language . Be sure  to make your  reservation  as soon as  possible  since  we have only 5 vacancies for Brazilians.



Public Strategies and Agribusiness Policy

Science & Technology Innovation

Public Strategies and Agribusiness Policy

Law Regulations and Trade

Agreements and supply chain contracts

Science & Technology Innovation

Public Strategies and Agribusiness Policy

Poverty and Hunger Wars

Palm Oil

Big Data and Agribusiness

Disruptive innovation – trends to the future

Design traceability (Rama, Healthy Vegetables)

Marketing and Communication

Risk Mitigation

Management accounting

Risk Management

Orange – Brazilian value chain management



Cacau Show; GS1; O’coffee; Ceasa; Agrishow;

*Sujeito a alterações*



Lectures, case study and field visit to local companies and agribusiness events.



Design Innovation; Coimma – Balpass; Tomato Trebasch.



Prof. Dr. José Luiz Tejon Megido

Jornalist, Advertiser,  M.A. in Arts and  Culture.  Graduated from several world-renowned universities sucha as  Harvard, MIT and Insead. PhD in Education  from the  Universidad  de la Empresa, Uruguay. Author and Co-author of 33 books. Academic Coordinator of the  Master of Science in Food and Agribusiness Management Program  held by the Audencia School of  Business, Nantes, France.  In Company Professor at  Fundação Getulio Vargas.  Elected as one of the  100 Agribusiness Personalities  by the  Isto é  Dinheiro  Magazine.  Honoured  by the Massey Ferguson  as outstanding Brazilian  journalist in 2017. Lecturer at the Olmix Prize : Best  Keynote Speaker – Paris and  awarded the Top of Mind Prize by the Newspaper  O Estado de S. Paulo. President of  TCA International and Biomarketing  Agency.  Received the Lide Prize( Agribusiness Marketing Personality of the Year -2018). Co-Author of the e-book available at :  Code 7612445. (TEJON, José Luiz; XAVIER, Coriolano.  Marketing e agronegócio: a nova gestão, diálogo com a sociedade.


Teaching Team Members

Elionor Farah Jreige Weffort

B.A. in Law  from the  Universidade de São Paulo (1991) and PhD  in Buisness Administration from the University of São Paulo (2003). Has experience in Administration, focusing on Accounting, academicaly acting in  the following subjects: Accounting , International Accounting Environmental Accounting and  Managerial  Skills.. FECAP Professor.

Joelson Oliveira Sampaio

B.A in Economics from the  Universidade de São Paulo (2007). Has experience in Administration, focusing on Business Administration.PhD in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and Fundação Getulio Vargas. CAPES  Scholar ( 2015) . PhD in Economics  from the  University of São Paulo. ( 2015) . FECAP Professor.



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Não haverá avaliação de conteúdo. É necessário estar presente, no mínimo, em 75% das aulas.