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I PARMA01 Info Sheet Academic Year 2019/2020

Exchange Student Nomination Procedure

Partner Universities are required to send incoming@unipr.it the list of students selected for an exchange period at the University of Parma by using this nomination file (instructions and deadlines are available inside the file).

NON-ERASMUS (INFORMATION FOR FECAP STUDENTS): http://en.unipr.it/overworld_in

Application procedure

International Cooperation Agreements

Non Erasmus incoming mobility for Study 2017/2018 General link of first cycle and postgraduate courses:


Courses and admissions | Department of Economics …


The Department of Economics has 80 academics from different fields: Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Financial Mathematics, Statistics, Agricultural …

Page of the IBD course (the only course fully taught in English)


Erasmus and International Home

Università di Parma | U.O. Internazionalizzazione
P.le San Francesco, 3
43121 Parma (Italy)
Phone: +39.0521.904203
Fax: +39.0521.347006

Application  form avaliable for nominated students


“Erasmus &International Home”, to receive all useful information and forms.

Of 2017/’18 programmes;  please refer to present 2016/’17

All information in this page is aimed at foreign exchange students from Non-European Universities which have a partnership with the University of Parma. The contact reference at the University of Parma is the Erasmus and International Home

Entry visa for study purposes Close

VISA for Non-European exchange students

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules regulating your arrival and stay in Italy, and the papers needed. Students from NON-EU Countries generally need an entry visa for study purposes. The visa request must be submitted to the Italian diplomatic representative (Italian Embassy or Consulate) in your Country of residence. The visa can be obtained from Italian Embassies and Consulates upon production of a Letter of Acceptance or an official document from the University of Parma stating that you have been accepted as an exchange student.
Exchange students who need a letter of acceptance for a visa must contact the Erasmus and International Home at incoming@unipr.it in due time (at least two months before arrival) and send all the necessary data (by using the specific chart.xls).

You can check if you need a visa to enter Italy on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Further information is available here.

Residence Permit
If you come from a Non-EU country and you are spending more than 90 days in Italy, you must apply to the Italian authorities for a Residence Permit for study purposes within 8 working days from the date of your arrival in Italy.
In order to apply for the Residence Permit (which costs around 80 €) you will need:

  • A copy of your passport;
  • Declaration of hospitality (suitability of accommodation) and an official document certifying your enrolment at the Italian University you are going to attend (e.g., for exchange students, a copy of our acceptance letter for visa, approved and stamped by the Italian Embassy/Consulate of your country of residence);
  • A copy of your Accident and Health insurance policy, which must be valid in all Italy and cover the whole duration of your stay;
  • Proof that you have sufficient financial coverage for your stay in Italy and your journey (e.g. copy of your bank statement or assignment of study grant with monthly amount).

If you need help with the above-mentioned documents, contact the Erasmus and International Home.

Once you have submitted your application, you must bring to the staff of the Erasmus and International Home a copy of the receipt and then a copy of the Residence Permit card as soon as it is available.

Application form available for nominated students


Application procedures for Erasmus+ students are divided into two phases:

  1. Nomination (Sending Institutions communicate the lists of selected students to the University of Parma)
  2. Application (each student applies to enroll at the University of Parma)

After the nomination by your Home University, you must fill in our online Application Form and then send it by e-mail to the Erasmus and International Home of the University of Parma along with the required application documents.

The application procedure is available online during two different periods:

  • 1 to 30 May for students attending the first semester or the entire academic year
  • 1 to 30 November for students attending the second semester academic year

The online procedure consists of 3 steps:

  1.  Registration
  2.  Password Activation
  3.  Application Form (to be printed at the end of the procedure)

Download the guidelines for the online procedure

By the deadline of the application session, the scan copy of the following documents must be sent by e-mail to incoming@unipr.it, in a readable PDF format:

  •  Application Form (with photo and signature)
  •  Copy of your ID (Identity Card for European citizens, passport for Non-European citizens)
  •  Official declaration of your Home University stating the level of your language proficiency
  •  The Erasmus+ Learning Agreement, signed by you and by your Home University

Medical students must also send:

  • An official updated copy of their Transcript of Records
  • A medical and vaccination certificate

IMPORTANT! Take note and keep record of the password created during the online procedure: you will need it to get access to the student account that will be given to you during the enrolment procedure upon your arrival in Parma.

Language requirements and Italian courses for foreigners Open

Learning Agreement Open

Planning activities Open

Entry visa for study purposes Open

Finding accommodation in Parma Open

Incoming students in the framework of international cooperation agreements

Mobility for non Erasmus exchange students
In these pages you will find information for non-EU and non-ERASMUS PLUS students planning to attend a study period at the University of Parma

  • International cooperation agreements: non erasmus incoming mobility for study
  • International exchange students information


Visiting scholars

The University of Parma welcomes visiting researchers and teachers, as they make an important contribution to the education and research carried out at our institution.

The University of Parma welcomes visiting researchers and teachers, as they make an important contribution to the education and research carried out at our institution.

How to get to Parma by airplane, by train, by car or by coach.

Parma is a medium-sized city with accommodation opportunities in several neighbourhoods.

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