Economic Principles

  • Total class time: 60 hours.
  • Unit: Centro Universitário FECAP Liberdade (Av. da Liberdade, 532).
  • Time: Mondays and Wednesdays from 18:00 to 18:50 + Doubt plan per month on 8th floor – Bloco E
  • Classroom: Colaboração/B and 20/05 Colaboração/E
  • Value: Students and Alumni: R$100,00, in case of aprovement the value will be returned.
  • External Public: R$500,00
  • Professor: Matheus Albergaria


Course Description

This course is an introduction to to economic principles, such as demand, supply, elasticities, etc.

 Learning objectives

  1. Provide tools for economic analysis.
  2. Critical thinking towards social and political questions.
  3. Problem-solving abilities for real-world phenomena.



“Hands-on” Lectures and exercises.


Topics Covered

  • The Principles and Practice of Economics
  • Economic Methods and Economic Questions
  • Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium
  • Consumers and Incentives
  • Sellers and Incentives
  • Perfect Competition and the Invisible Hand
  • Externalities and Public Goods
  • The Government in the Economy: Taxation and Regulation
  • Monopoly
  • Game Theory and Strategic Play
  • Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition


Assessment Methods

NI1: written examination covering topics 1-4 (20%).

NI2:  written examination covering topics 5-8 (20%).

PO (Official Exams): written examination covering the semester’s contents (60%).



  • Acemoglu, D.; Laibson, D.; List, J. (2015). Economics, Pearson.
  • Mankiw, N.G. (2015). Principles of Economics, Cengage Learning.

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